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Make Your Next Ride The Best Ever Experience 

Rollers India offers high-end adult and children bikes in different styles to meet the demands of a wider audience. After years of studying and researching global and domestic markets and business practices, we have established a name for ourselves. 

You will find a range of bikes starting from Upgrade lightweight bike, Upgrade croc junior and Phoenix Echo. Here’s a list of options you can choose from.

Cross Country Bikes 

The products available are built to go uphill quite fast. We’ve added bikes with improved tires and refined suspension tunes to amplify your trekking experience further. We provide brands that deliver first-class performance. Whether you are up for a lap in nature or wish to challenge yourself uphills, you will find the best-in-class cross-country bike here. 

Road Bikes

Whether you are looking for saddles for purely recreational purposes or competing in the bike races or triathlon, Rollers India offers you a plethora of options designed to suit your unique riding needs and expectations. The idea is to offer comfort whether you opt for a lightweight bike or a hybrid one. The options will keep you happy for miles together. 

Kids Bikes

You will find the right size bike that will make your child comfortable while picking up pedaling skills. You will find the right bike, such as an Upgrade lightweight bike, a lightweight hybrid bike for your child that will be durable enough to make biking a fun experience. Whether at home or any terrain, your child will simply love everyday adventures. 

“We are inspiring youth to get out there and lead a better and healthier lifestyle” 

Ready for the Two-Wheel Adventure?

Whether you want some neighborhood fun to wish to reach the remote mountain trails, we’ve had you covered. Whatever may be your reason to choose biking as an option?

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