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The Experience of Cycling is a Journey!
The trademark ‘Phoenix’ has been registered in 104 countries. Phoenix bicycle is the nation’s special-supported export product. The company has 50 years exporting history since 1960’s. Besides, Phoenix bicycle has been given to foreign head of state as national gift when leaders visited other countries. Phoenix bicycle win good reputation that shares “the first choice instead of walking” in Central and South America, South East Asia, The Middle East, East, West and North Africa. This company earns more than US$ 60 million annually. This company has been taking the lead in keeping scale benefits in the same domestic Professional Area.

The company follows a quality-assortment-service integration and a brand-oriented marketing that can grow with times and innovates constantly…

We are Upgrade
Our brand name defines our quality. Upgrade bikes have been designing, building and engineering world class bicycles in partnership with engineers, industrial designers, creative thinkers and professional riders based in Australia, Europe and Asia. Our R&D team from Australia works hard each season to produce fresh and authentic designs with Global relevance. We are one of the few global bike brands who have the craftsmanship of hand welding our frames right through the industries leading assembling and painting facilities. This results in our ability to offer an extensive range of high quality bicycles you can depend on at some of the most competitive pricing available in the market.

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Do you know the benefit of Neon Colors? Surely Neon colours Make your bike look stunning and outstanding , But keeping your bikes exposed to Direct Sunlight over a longer period of time may result in Neon Colours Loosing part of its Intensity.

So, its a suggestion to all from us not to keep bikes unnecessarily to direct sunlight.

It is suggested that use UV sun protection foil for windows instead of keeping bikes directly under sunlight.

Warranty of bikes is not on color fading.