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Rollers India is a premier brand specialized in international trading, especially focused on the high-end adult bicycle and kids bicycle. We offer different styles of products to meet our customers’ demands.

Dedicated to the perfection of our products. Bear the best interest of our customers in mind

We keep in mind this objective to always adhere to the needs of our customers. We’re one of the major brands known for bicycle distribution in India who has maintained a long-term relationship with all of the Rollers India family members. We believe that success only comes to those who believe in building relationships in today’s business world.

Trust, Reciprocation, Efficiency, and Innovation

Our business model stands firmly on these four pillars. The company follows a quality-assortment-service integration and includes a brand-oriented marketing strategy that constantly allows the company to innovate and grow with time. 

We offer primarily three different types of bikes that serve as good options for both adults and kids. These include

Cross Country Bikes 

You will enjoy a nice break uphill with our options of adult bicycle and kids bicycle. The brands that we offer deliver the best performance with their best-in-class quality products. 

Road Bikes

If you want to paddle around for recreational purposes or wish to create a healthier lifestyle, you’ll find amazing products that will suit your unique riding needs and expectations. 

Kids Bikes

If you want your kids or grandkids to develop a better lifestyle, you can introduce them to cycling through a variety of kids’ bikes that we offer. They are durable and sturdy enough to make biking a fun experience for them, no matter where they start from.

We Are Giving Consumers to Choose From a Plethora Option
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The Experience of Cycling is a Journey!

Making The Journey Better With Best-in-class Products

Phoenix” has been registered in more than 100 countries. It is quite right to say that this bicycle is the nation’s very own product that’s pretty much export quality. Rollers India has been exporting this product for more than 5 decades now. In fact, the same brand has been offered as a gift to the foreign head of state as a national gift when leaders visit the countries. 

What makes it a leading cycling brand?

For the health of the company, the brand took the initiative in getting the certification of ISO9001. The company is adapting to meet the demands of diverse markets. In fact, Phoenix bikes have quite a good reputation in Central and South America, South East, Middle East, West, and North America.

The brand keeps expanding its market with its continuous and constant scientific developments and building great marketing strategies. Now the company is moving and expanding its network in American, Japanese, and European markets.  

You can find a range of adult bikes and kids’ bikes here. All you have to do is find your favorite product and get on with your two-wheel adventure right away!

Browse through the list and find your best pal to surf through the lap of nature or the roughness of the road.



We are Upgrade

Our brand name defines our quality. Upgrade bikes have been designing, building and engineering world class bicycles in partnership with engineers, industrial designers, creative thinkers and professional riders based in Australia, Europe and Asia. Our R&D team from Australia works hard each season to produce fresh and authentic designs with Global relevance. We are one of the few global bike brands who have the craftsmanship of hand welding our frames right through the industries leading assembling and painting facilities. This results in our ability to offer an extensive range of high quality bicycles you can depend on at some of the most competitive pricing available in the market.


Upgrade bikes has a mission and dedication to create bikes that spark the imagination of riders around the world. Whatever style of riding you are passionate about, or whatever goals you have as a rider, Upgrade bikes offer an extensive range of high quality bikes with leading edge technology to help you take your riding to the next level.


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