Top Women Cycles To Ride In India – 2021 Complete List

Did you know – India is the third-largest consumer of bicycles in the world? Cycling in India has gained immense popularity, especially post-lockdown. In 2020, the cycle market in India witnessed a growth it didn’t over the last two decades.

Though some are using cycles to commute between work and home due to the risk of contracting the Virus, others are choosing it to stay fit. To your surprise, women’s bicycles share one-third of the market value in India.

How are Women Cycles Different From Men?

Women are naturally different from men. And in many ways. In general, women tend to be shorter than men. They have smaller hands and narrow shoulders, shorter torso, and longer legs as compared to men.

Keeping these general physical attributes in mind, the same bicycle for men might not be as comfortable for female riders as it would be for men. Women-specific bikes are designed keeping these features in mind. Cycles for women have shorter frames, narrow handlebars, and softer saddles, apart from easy-to-reach brake levers. Do these facts tempt you to begin cycling? Read our list of best cycles for women in India.

List of Top Women Cycles In India

Here’s a list of women’s cycles in India suitable for all levels, from beginners to experts.

Upgrade Fluid Range

Explore the complete range of Upgrade Fluid Cycles, suitable for girls above 15 years of age. The Fluid range of bicycles can take it all from size variations between 24″ to 26″ and options available with single-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed gear shifters. Super light alloy frames and effective braking systems ensure safety and easy riding without fatigue.

UPGRADE FLUID 1.6Upgrade Monster

For those looking for an aesthetically awe-inspiring bicycle, hail Upgrade Monster. Available in two sizes, 24″ and 26″, the cycle features extra-large tires and a lightweight frame. Easy to control and low-resistance riding ensures extended riding fun all day long.


Upgrade Explorer

Last but not least is this 26″ bike from Upgrade. Mounted on a sturdy steel frame and featuring front suspensions, Upgrade Explorer is the king of the roads. Justifying its name, the bike can take up any terrain or road and let you ride all day long.

The lower central support bar ensures easy mounting and demounting on the bike, perfect for women, regardless of their dress-up.

Phoenix Gloria

Easy to ride, perfect for medium girls and beginners, Phoenix Gloria is nimble to every stimulus. Take it for the daily commute or head out to the nearest hill; this bike can take it all.

The front suspension and 26″ steel frame ensures durability and comfort. And not to mention, the dual disc brakes offer much-needed control.

Phoenix LCS 1.0

Featuring Shimano EF50Speed gear shifters on a super light alloy frame, Phoenix LCS 1.0 is a game-changer. Take it out for a spin to the nearby hills or for some off-road riding; the bike will never disappoint you.

Front suspension ensures no bumps and jerks during the ride. And the added control with mechanical disc brakes guarantees you never fail to stop when needed.

Phoenix Echo Range

A complete range of women’s cycles from Phoenix – the Echo range – is suitable for all heights. For those who wish for single-speed convenience, we have Echo 4.1 and Echo 5. For others, Echo 4.7 and Echo 5.5 offer Shimano TX30 7-Speed gear shifters. Available in attractive colors and two sizes, 24″ and 26″, the Echo range is the perfect budget fit for all.


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